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I wanted some way to get my BB guns out of my safes. I grew up shooting Red Ryder's since I was 5 so I've always kept one around. When I got married my wife got herself a pink version Total we hav 4 BB guns a a couple pellet rifles. The rack will hold 8 guns total so I'll still hav room to store my deer season arms out their during those season. I built it wide enough to allow scoped rifles to set in there without hitting the scope
I used a few old boards from a barn I'd tore down. I build it with pretty much the same design as I did my saw till. I did use screws An put it all together and plugged the holes It's really sturdy and will work great in my building. I may eventually build a couple drawers for the bottom section but for now I'm ready to get into another project.
Btw anyone ever tried putting a scope on a Red Ryder BB gun? I haven't done it but it looks lik fun :)



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I have also had BB guns forever.

Neat rack should work well.

I do now have Crossman though not RR's. Air pump and rifled barrels are both advantages.

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I grew up watching John Wayne movies so for me I like the lever action RR guns I've had multiple crossmans thro the years tho. They r more accurate than RR but I mainly just kill pop cans with them.