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Project Information

I built this over the weekend for a friend at work. He wanted something to go inside his gun safe to keep his rifles from banging in to each other. I designed it in sketchup first so he could see what it would look like and then built it to fit the inside dimensions of his safe. This is made out of edgebanded plywood and sprayed with two coats of minwax polyshades pecan stain / poly all-in-one. This was not a difficult project, the most time consuming part was creating a template for the cutouts in the top piece to hold the rifles. I cut a full size piece of MDF and did all the layout on it and used it as a template. Each cutout is 1" deep and 1" wide so I used a 1" forstner bit to make a perfect circle and then cleaned it up at the bandsaw to make the sides of the cutout square. Once I finished the template I used a pattern bit in the router table to cut the actual workpiece using the template. This worked very well and now if I ever built another one I already have the template for it.

I also posted the sketchup file here in case anyone wanted it. Thanks for looking.



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Good design for a perennial problem. I need to do something like this, but maybe to fit the side since my shotgun cases hog the available space. Thanks for sharing your idea and for posting.