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The golf course I work at was closed for 6.5 months this summer while they overhauled the greens. While I did not have my part time job for that stretch, the course did become my biggest woodworking client. I posted two of these things already, but there were a total of 10 items that I made for the club.

There were two scorecard boxes, two 8' long bag racks, two cooler chests, one chest that looks like the other two but holds sand for filling divots, a podium, a granite topped enclosure that holds a trash can and a towel bin, and a large shoe cabinet for the men's lockerroom.

The course reopened on Tuesday and the pieces were really well received. I gave quotes thinking that I would do some nice but relatively straight forward stuff, however I ended up going over the top (and over budget) for almost all of them. I justified this by telling myself that the exposure would be significant and how much I make on these isn't as important and what they could lead to. They have already lead to more jobs at the course, which I continue to be very thankful for.

Ironically, this work from the course could be the thing that propels me to go to full time woodworking eventually. However, I think my boss understands, since he has been my biggest supporter ever since I dropped this thing off last year.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out as always, and thanks for the great sense of community around here. Stay dusty my friends.



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Great work! In particular I love the scorecard boxes. I've never seen one like them.