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It's good to be back online with a computer instead of a tablet! I've built up a backlog of projects to post too…

I started this sometime last year, I think, but it's been on and off between other things. One of the other guys had made a long table, and these were offcuts from the skirt. I dug them out of his scrapheap (with permission, of course) and put them aside. (Actually, come to think of it, most of my personal projects have been made from his scrapheap.)

The basic shape comes from a design on Pinterest ascribed to Charles Eames, although further research says he never designed lamps. But that's where the tripod idea came from. From there it was just lots of work with spokeshaves, planes, rasps, chisels, files and old sanding belts.

There's a bit more detail at
Thanks for looking!



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Great design. Like that you took inspiration from Eames and brought it to a field where he newer worked. Reminds me of Krenov´s clocks. A fine blog on the making as well.
Do not think that the lamp itself does your stand justice and could use some "Eamesification" as well.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks kaerlighedsbamsen! Yes, I'm starting to doubt the lamp, though I was looking for something simple and straightforward. Interestingly, after sharing this, I discovered Uno and Osten Kristiansson. They have a new fan!