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I feel that every personalized project has a story. This is my story for this particular project.

Regarding fellow member, "htl", in his High School stool project.
He said: "I built this in shop class with all hand tools in JR. High School some time around 1964 or 65"

This is the same era of my Jr. HS years and we made a very similar stool in Shop Class.
Maybe it could have been a project in the Wood Shop Curriculum ?? Dunno. But it was cool and useful.
After I opened my wood shop around 1980, my mother gave me the stool that I had made
20 years earlier and wanted one made with "her modifications". then, the neighbor wanted one, etc etc etc.
Then, after the business grew in the shop and I had some employees, I gave them the sample stool
to make copies of to keep them busy in their slack time.
The idea was to give them away as gifts with the shop name branded on the inside.
our biggest winner was this one: I had a large dead pine tree that I cut down and
it was pure "fat lighter" through and through. So I cut it into the length that would fit
inside the box cross-ways and split the kindling into pencil size sticks and filled the
box full - - - this was given to friends and family that had a wood burning fireplace.
I never sold any of them - - - - the true joy of a "hobby" is the gratified smiles of the recipients.
Hope you can use the design for one of your gifts this winter. If you don't have access to "fat lighter" pine,
look at the Southern Yellow Pine boards in your lumber yard. sometimes you will find a board that is
totally or mostly solid heart with lots of sticky pitch. it will be very heavy as compared to the others.
(obviously you would not want to use ANY kind of treated lumber in this project).
cut it into the size chunks you need and split it with a hatchet into pencil size sticks for fire kindling.
of course you can jazz up the design with dovetailed joints, contrasting woods, inlaid marquetry,
Hand-lift hole in the top, and so forth to make it "YOUR" personalized project.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Foot Stool / Kindling Box Project.



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... into pencil size sticks for fire kindling. of course you can jazz up the design with dovetailed joints,...

- John Smith
Interesting story JS, and a nice useful design…

HOWEVER, Why would you want to dovetail kindling… especially pencil size… killer on small dovetail router bits unless you hand cut the dovetails?

PS. Just don't tell #4 (aka htl) that I did some reading!

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Interesting blast from the past. Very unique project, not something you see much of today. If it is not controlled by a mobile phone or have some purpose to do with said phone. LOL

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I took a woodshop class in high school once, I never got to finish my project because the teacher and I had a disagreement about whether or not I should use the Roman ogee I had originally planned on for the profile. He said yes, I said no, he tried to force it and I let him know how much that displeased me. Teachers from down the hall heard the ruckus and came to join in. I was suspended for three days and my teacher added the Roman ogee that I had decided against adding on my project. My mom pulled me out of school (we were moving soon anyway) and I was talked about for a while in the hallways. That teacher was an arrogant fellow.

I wish I had a chance to finish that project, I think it would of turned out nicely. It was going to be a television stand with a cabinet, plywood and a hardwood trim.

I wish I had a bench/stool like the one pictured, I might have to make one someday, after I get a wood burning stove that is.

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A box of fat pine like that would fix you up for sure - maybe for more than 1 winter!