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These pictures depict the steps I followed while putting an inlay on one of the lids of the five jewelery boxes I am building. I call this inlay FlutterBy. This is one of the easier inlay kits provided by EZInlays. The only power tools I used was a plunge router and a RO sander.

The background wood is oak, the trim around the lid is purple heart. The outer part of the winds is red heart, the body is purple heart, and the inner part of the wings is cocobolo. I really like the grain patterns found in cocobolo!!!

The first picture is the finished inlay. I still need to route the edges of the lid and do the final sanding but you get an idea of what it will look like.

The second picture shows the template that is used to create the first layer of the inlay. EZInlays uses a sequence of inlay levels to produce the end result. The template shown in this picture is the Layer 1 Void inlay. The kit comes with inlay templates (not pictured) that is used to cut out the inlay wood that will fit into the void.

The third picture show the layer 1 void filled. Notice the penciled in squares??? They are the registration marks used to align the next void template.

The fourth picture shows the inlay after the layer 2 voids have been cut.

The fifth picture shows the layer 3 voids filled.

The sixth picture show the layer 4 and layer 5 voids.

Thought you couldn't build a decorative inlay??? Think again!!! If you can use a plunge router you can make a stunning inlay too!!!



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Beautiful work,so very well done.

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It's lovely and attractive, the wood combo is great. The grains on the wings are amazing. Great work!