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Project Information

For starters my dad bought several pieces of this bird's eye maple about 10 years ago. He bought it because it was on sale and got it for about half the price it goes for now. He bought it with no project in mind and just hung into it. Well I got tired of shewing it just sitting there so I snagged a piece (with permission of course). This maple has so much bird's eye and quilting it's crazy.

Now to my table. I had a basic plan of what I wanted to do. General size guidelines, but made no drawing, I just built it as it came to me. First I was going to frame it with walnut and have walnut aprons. But, I have nothing dark in my house so I went with cherry. I also knew I wanted to make a float top. I'm not happy with the outcome of this because I don't think it sits high enough off the legs. You almost have to bend down to even tell it's not attached to the legs. The legs are maple and are tapered on four sides. They are far from perfect but it would be hard for someone to notice. The tops of the legs are also angled towards the inside of the table. The top is framed by cherry on the front and back only. I also put a slight under cut on the top.

For the finish I sanded through 400. I then mixed Trans Tint "Golden Brown" color with denatured alcohol. First I mixed about 1/8 teaspoon of Trans tint with 1 1/2 cups denatured alcohol. That was too dark for my liking so I took half of that mix and cut it with another cup of alcohol. After I applied that I put coat of clear shellac cut 50:50 with alcohol. Looked fantastic. Sanded the shine off with 400. Then, I applied Generals finish gel stain, "Golden Pine" color. After that I applied clear shellac cut about 75% shellac to alcohol. 3 coats on the top. I'm happy with the finish just wish the cherry was more of an accent to the maple.

Thanks for looking. Feedback is welcome on how to improve. I am still very much a beginner and willing to learn.