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Since we had our first baby at the beginning of march I haven't spent much time out the garage, so I end up thinking up new projects while feeding or changing diapers. First new project was to re-arrange the garage, starting with this stand. I only have half of a double garage with my wife "needing" to park in the other, the mitre saw was set into the bench on the wall, but the bench was taking up too much space to just use with the saw.

I welded 2 plates to a pieces of 1 1/2" pipe for attach the bases of each machine to. I saw on some of the other flip stands on here used bolts to spin out to hold each the bases secure, but I thought that was a bit of a catch hazard, so I put blocks in between each of the bases and drilled through the sides and blocks to put pins in.

I may add a drawer at the bottom since thats just wasted space, but at this point the stand and machines are useable and it was my turn to come in and feed the baby! Thanks for looking



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Anything to save space is always good. Nice design