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I've been meaning to document a project from start to finish and this is the first time I managed to remember to take pictures about every step… I learned a LOT since this was my first time building something other than a bench or cutting board, so if you have any advice I would be overjoyed to hear it!

Biggest problem was gluing the corners which I solved with almost every single clamp I own… Had to cut 6 pucks of the same angle as my corners and them hold then in place in order to give my clamps something to bite down on.
The first piece I cut for a diagonal had some really nice spalting to it so I thought, "Great, I'll just rip it in half and book match them!". Well doing that messed with my measurements, resulting in the gap at the bottom corner pictured.
To hide that I ripped a thin strip of bark from the same board and glued it up.
Personally, I was not totally satisfied with this build as there are many imperfections, but I wanted to get it to my Grandmother in time for her to see that Grandfather's flag was taken care of. I will probably try another one, so again, any help or tips that keep my profanity to a minimum would be greatly appreciated.



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Great looking flag box. Looks like it was a beast to get clamped up. The imperfections just add to the character. I am sure it will be cherished by your Grandmother.

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Thank you very much! Yeah it took some time to get it right-ish… Knowing her I'm certain she'll be able to look past the blemishes.