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This desk was a fun little project. My old desk had to go because, well, it was a ginormous monster for a small apartment. So instead of buying a new one, I decided to draw up some plans and go to work. This was the result.

My favorite part is the raised platform for my computer and speakers which created some convenient storage underneath. Personally, I would have preferred a nice rich wood stain instead of black paint but my girlfriend wanted it to match our other furniture so I had little choice. :)

Thanks for looking!



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Very nicely done. Looks sweet and functional.
Black is beautiful - you don't have to remember when is the last time you clean it. It will tell you.

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You might have had little choice but black is never a bad choice - could have been pink on her mind. The end diamonds are a nice touch and the whole thing puts me in mind of Enzo Mari's stuff that JAcker turned me on to. Keep building and posting.