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Well I have now built two miter sleds, the first one (I think I posted as an earlier build) ended up being to heavy for me because I just had a full rotator cuff surgery; the second one I chose to make sure it was lighter (Pic will be added later). Anyway after building it I looked around for some scrap wood and found some poplar wood to test it and I couldn't stop until I had this small frame cut out, trimmed and glued.
Since Mother's Day and my father's birthday fell on the same day this year I gave this to the two of them along with a Banana Holder. Next I am going to make another frame and pretty it up with some wood inlay.
Thanks for looking, comments and or advice are appriciated!



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I'll be interested in the picture of the new sled. I built mine too heavy. But it sure makes me feel safer using it than not.