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Both the picture and the picture frame was a gift I made for my mother for her first mother's day after she became a grandmother with the birth of my son. It had been a very long time since I'd done any kind of artwork but I took a stab at a charcoal drawing based off of a similar picture my wife found on pinterest somewhere. It's a nest with the eggs being those in the family. Add the fact that this was my very first frame of any kind and the whole thing took a lot longer to finish than I had hoped.

The picture left something to be desired but I think the frame turned out about how I was expecting. If you look close you can tell that my miters are not great, but choosing Walnut really helped hide them. It has a large outer profile and a smaller inner profile, I put maple splines on the reverse side perpendicular to the miters for stability.

What I learned about picture framing: Holy crap it takes a lot more wood than I thought it would.





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Kudos on both! The walnut makes for a nice contrast with the charcoal drawing!

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Nicely drawn and framed both.

Frames look easy until you actually do some.