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I originally posted this completed project on this web site back in 2013 and this is a link to that posting.

Back then, I was relatively knew to using Sketchup, and I did not know how to draw the worm gear. I was able to make the gear using this basic process:

-at every 90 degrees around the 1.5" diameter blank, lay out in Sketchup where the teeth were.
-print out the 4 templates from Sketchup and mark the teeth location every 90 degrees
-connect the lines by eye using a pencil
-hand Dremel out the teeth using small sanding drums

The gear reduction ratio is determined by the number of teeth on the spur gear, which was 32 on that project…...or a 32:1 speed reduction ratio.

I am working on another project where the mechanism needs 5 RPM to operate. Since kids can crank up to about 100 RPM, I need a 100/5 or 20:1 speed reduction ratio. It is tough to get that big of ratio using just spur gears, so I am going to use a 20 tooth spur gear with a worm gear on my current project.

Yesterday, with the help of a YouTube Video, I figured out how to draw a worm gear in Sketchup :)

I updated my woodworking web site to include all aspects of the first model I built including:

-Link to Word Document explaining how to draw a worm gear in Sketchup
-Link to Sketchup warehouse for a copy of the model
-Link to Youtube video showing model in action.

The link to the Youtube video showing this model in action can be seen using this link.

The link to my woodworking web site is this one.




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That's a nice project and I know it's as much fun designing it as it is making it. It's similar to the one I posted under my PapaGary account where I forgot the password and this site for some reason won't let me back in. Here's the posting:

I modeled mine in Rhino but used my CNC machine to make it.


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That is very impressive…. I love to cut and try to work with things that use gears…. I can not design them though, I have to have a pattern….(I do it on a scroll saw). But a worm gear,,,, very impressive

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Thanks for the heads up DM... I appreciate anything that can help improve my SU skills.

Nice that you backtracked and updated your previous blogs… a great trait missing with many publishers (including me).

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Fun stuff Dale! I can't wait to try doing this!
There is something so elegant about a worm gear…