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Project Information

I was commissioned to make a farmhouse dining table with breadboard ends from 2×6's a year ago. Now, the same person wanted a headboard to match it. I used the same methods to build the headboard as I used for the table.

After doing some sanding I used biscuits and glued up the long boards. I then cut a mortise in the stiles ½" wide and 2 ¼" deep on my router table. Next, I cut a tenon appropriate for the mortise with a hand held router and edge guide. I drilled holes for three dowel pegs on each side and then elongated the holes in for the top and bottom pegs to allow for wood movement. The middle third of this arrangement was glued and clamped. The top and bottom pegs only received a drop of glue near the top surface just to keep them in place.

I installed braces on the rear with elongated holes. I glued a decorative shelf to the headboard, avoiding glue on the stiles. I then glued and pin nailed quarter-round to the shelf, but not the 2×6. This should cover any gap that might form if the headboard expands in summer.

For a finish, I used a pre-stain sealer, walnut stain and several coats of polyurethane.

Thanks for looking!



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Hey Jerry,

Nice to have returning customers. Nice breadboard, rich color, nice finish. Good job!