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This is another Farm Style Table. My lesson is to show simple joints here and a assemble reassemble point for moving and a table top reuse.
The legs for this are from 2 by 3 stock which are cheaper but measure 2 and a half so a little less bulky leg still with the character of construction pine. So 2 together make a 3 by 2.5 leg. I put the knotty pieces at the top rails and inside the legs. Notching the cross piece which would get foot wear ( since the leg set is 26 wide and 30 high ) I was careful to set the notch flush and not extra deep, I never liked the style that this cross piece set on top of the leg rail. This was expected to get foot wear since it is centered, give it extra coats of finish. extra sanding on the end grain reduced some of the stain absorbing.
The End leg set has 3 cross supports ..not really half laps…one for the top rail to go across one 2x, notch the inside 2x leg and the bottom rail 2x to go full across. Set the legs side by side to cut these so they are even. The long side stretcher 40 inches sits on the outer 2x and is attached with screws, these won't be seen under the table edge and are part of the remove plan.
This Table top and glass top came from an old office desk which was 29 by 60, the drawers were 12 inch wide by 22 long and I did a reuse of those. In using this top I tried to allow for the chairs to slide under the top on the ends and into the center. That' s why the base is only 40 long and you can see the chairs fit under. I used inside blocks and pocket screws to hold the top to the base ( sorry missed the photo )
The owner may have to move in the future so for reassemble… unscrew the top with kreg screws from support blocks ( I even put some extra screws into the frame ), unscrew the 2 long side stretchers 2 screws each corner, and unscrew the foot rail 2 screws each end. I put a few extra black dry wall screws into the frame for this also. Leave the ends together. Extra screws are on the inside of the leg set for spares.
The stain is a nice brown tone to me and was a clearance color " Cyprus " and when I tested it I was pleased at the medium tone of brown. I bought a few more quarts for the future.



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Nice re-use of an office desk.

I had a glass-topped dinette table once and found that I really didn't care for all the clatter of dishes and flatware on the glass. [It was a solid glass top and nothing to do but send it back. Furniture store was nice about that and won my loyalty and several later purchases.] But with yours, if it happens that the owner does not care for the sound of dishes on glass, they can just take the glass off and have a wood table.

The base looks sturdy and pleasant. All together, an inviting place to sit for a meal.