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I've made a lure that is a segmented bait with hinges. Thing is it has two hinges but four pivot points. (you'll see in the video). The motion is almost fluid like. It's a rough build. In fact I wasn't even going to paint it, just make it to see if it worked. I decided to finish it up anyway. Not very pretty, but hey, it works. I'll make a better one in the near future now that I've got the bugs worked out.
It's made of pine, as most of my lures are. I make everything, eyes, loops, paint job, everything except the hooks.

See the video build of it here



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more innovation from the lure king,cant wait to see the final version.

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I have used segmented lures over the years, and under the right conditions they really work well. Good job !!! Mel

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Looks good to me!

If you need a tester-MY son lives to fish!

He will test and eveluate on BASS-His dream fish!