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Project Information

I was teaching a course in veneering and I mentioned to the students that they shouldn't feel intimidated to make their own veneer from solid if they had no source of machine cut veneers. They looked at me doubtfully so I started with some scraps in the wood pile and in 45 minutes, had a panel ready for a project. I decided to use the panel to make a trivit for the local Community Centre. When I had the two trivits finished I thought that it would add to the "cool factor" if they were connected and could expand and contract. The functionality would be enhanced if you had two trivits that you could put at any distance apart for larger dishes but when they are connected you can't lose one of them and it's just to cool for words when you slide them 4 inches apart for tureens and the like and then close them up for storage! Woods used are shedua and chackte-kok and brass bar for the rails.