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I've been out of the shop for a few weeks and decided to give the project one last attempt.
No style points, just a plain cylindrical turned box so tiny that it is completely useless. My goal was to make a box that would fit in the bowl of the grail that I made as a part of my first entry.

It is close, the diameter would fit but I think a little of the box may peek out of the top of the grail.
I'm afraid to test the fit as I expect if I put this box in there I will never get it out again.

Once again I used a scrap of pegwood. However this time I decided to use my Jet midi lathe to demonstrate that a watchmaker's lathe isn't required for small turning. If I had a means of using a collet chuck on a Shopsmith I would have used that instead. When turning small objects it is important to use a collet instead of a three or four jaw chuck, your fingers and face get too close to the work to use these safely.

The collet chuck is a Wood River from Woodcraft and I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with this tool. But that is another story.

As before, the photography is the most difficult part of the process, I did a little better this time though.

The tools are fairly simple. (photo 2 & 3)
The lid in progress. (photo 4)
Drilling the ID of the box with a .005" drill. (photo 5 Keep in mind the average sheet of paper is about .003" thick)
The box ready to be parted off. (photo 6)

Box Diameter .009"
Box Height .012"
Box Inside Diameter .005"



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Once again , WOW. Almost makes being at work at 3 a.m. worthwhile.

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Not bad, you actually learned to turn toothpicks.

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Great achievement, Troy. I don't think anyone is going to beat that in a hurry.

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YOU WIN!!!!!

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Murch, glad I could help you pass the time.

Sometimes it is good to push the edge of the envelope.

Thomas, somehow I managed to miss your toothpick box. I guess we have Martyn to thank/blame.
Although as projects go these aren't too bad… No mess, the materials are cheap, and you don't have to worry about cluttering up the house with practice pieces.

Thanks all.