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United States
I was born in Dallas, Texas on March 17, 1972 (St. Patrick's Day) at 2:56 am to Linda Diane Day & Michael Roy Holt. My name was almost Roger Allen but they went with Michael Aaron, mostly because of a commercial about soap that was getting a lot of air play at the time were a little girl was teasing her little brother named Roger about washing his hands, "wash your hands Roger" my sister kept repeating this all the time & that help make up my parents mind, so any one who prefers Michael Aaron over Roger Allen can thank my sister for that. I attended South Gate Elementary school & then Brandenburg Middle school, then Lakeview Centennial high school for one year then went to South Garland high school for a year followed by Rockwall high school. I'm single, but I still have dreams about my X Julie. We split up back in 95, after 6 year's. So I guess I'll love her till the day I die… I love my Grandmother Holt's homemade Chicken & dumplings and homemade chili with mexican cornbread ..I love building custom cabinets,custom cutting mat board for pitcher frame's & building computers from scratch.I'm registering today 8-31-07 for a class at Eastfield College for Digital Imaging & in the fall will take a Computer repair & upgrade class. I love old movie's & falling asleep to The Honeymooners & Kolchak:The Night Stalker episode's as well as South Park & Seinfeld… I like to draw, play foosball, and going to batting cage's,Watching the Stars, Cowboys, & Karry Walsh & Misty May..and my biggest pet peeve is people who don't use there blinker's,& I thank people who are cruel to animals should get the death penalty..



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