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I've had this idea for about a year now. I have finally got to it. At work we have a key machine and I have been collecting the shaving for about a year. I got some test tubes from a party store. Mixed the key shaving and epoxy together and poor the mix into the tube. What i wasn't expecting is the heat that it put off. It was hot enough to melt the tubes and causing them to bend. This created a small problem. It was a pain in the butt to the the mold out of the tube. Nothing a hammer can't fix. I was planning on drilling a small hole in the bottom of the tube and shoot it with air. Nope: Ended up just breaking the tube away from the mold. the first one I broke the mold. I ended up with five good molds to work from.




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Brilliant idea. My paremts are locksmiths and I can get alot of shaving from them.