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Its been a while… here was my phase one post.

The only things not completed are the cabinet doors, which will match the raised panel drawers, and crown molding. The cabinets are built out of birch and maple plywood with poplar face frames. The coat hanger is cherry to match the bench.

We dont have a mud room so our entryway serves as one. You can see it from the living room so we want it to look nice and cover all the clothes. Top cabinets will be for storing seasonal stuff.

The barn door was a surprise from wife, she purchased a pine door for cheap and expanded it with three 2×12 pine boards using buscuits (i was consutant). One on the left, right, and bottom to fill the wide opening. In order to hang it we needed an accurate meassurement off the floors which we planned on replacing. So we ripped up the downstairs carpet and installed 1000 square feet of flooring, but not before she knocked out a wall to expose under the stairs to finish and floor that too, as an expantion of our pantry.



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This looks fantastic. Love the sliding door!