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In the words of my baby girl, "Oooh, Boy!"

This is an evolved version of a pervious project that I posted early. I have since canabolized that entertainment unit for this "Entertainment Storage Center". It is so named "storage center" because of its remarkable storage compacity! It can hold 700+ DVDs AND 150+ VHS tapes!

There are some unique features in this project that I have not attempted before. First, the feature I like the most are the hidden "secret" drawers on either side of the unit.

On the side, the drawers look like they part of the mosaic panaling, but secretively they are actually the draw face-fronts. There are a total of 4 secret drawers; two on each side of the unit. The first set on either side slide out 14" and the second set on either side slide out an amazing 26"! All four drawers have 2 shelves for DVDs providing an astonishing 160" of shelf space for DVDs that would be wasted space in most ordinary units.

The second new feature I incorperated in this project are the built-in wiring components. On the top surface (where the TV goes), I installed wire jacks for the left and right channel speakers that run to the space designed for the stereo reciever and DVD player.

The center space for the components also has hook-ups for audio/video out, and all speakers (so I don't have a mess of wires all over the place).

The last new feature is an IPOD drawer that has power hook-up and jack that goes directly into the stereo. I was also able to put a felt bottom into that drawer.

Other features that this project has are as follows:
-cabinets with ajustable shelving
-remote control drawer
-glass pocket doors to house stereo reciever
-full extension pull-out drawers



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Good job, keep it up. I like the secret compartments.

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Really beautiful center.

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Hey Ric
That's one great entertainment center well done