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Project Information

I set up surgery for a hernia and realized that I would need help getting in and out of my chair. I only had 2 weekends to get something made. I had this ash lumber laying around and decided to use it. The shopsmith I use for a my lathe doesn't open wide enough for the shaft so I had to do that with hand tools. (Next time I'll make it in 2 pieces.) The finish is just linseed oil. I may varnish it when I feel better in a few days.



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Awesome work. My stick is an old hickory branch I found in the woods and cleaned up a bit with my pocket knife. The head is a Duck head made of brass like one on "Duck Commanders", but mine is about 50 years older and is getting worn.
Make sure you put a rubber tip on the end and keep one there. The solid end will jar you like riding on a coal sled while afflicted with hemorrhoids!