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Workshop Information

United States
This is my 1 car garage workshop. I try to keep most things on mobile carts since there isn't much space to move around. The only equipment I miss not having sometimes are a jointer and drum sander, but I have access to these elsewhere if I need them in a pinch. I am working my way through furnishing our whole house with my own custom work. I'm in my early 40s and take a long time on each piece, but I'm optimistic I can get through it all in time. I enjoy the calm of handtools, but definitely spend more time needing ear protection - below is a list of my main items right now in my shop.

- Ridgid R4511 table saw with Incra miter and fence
- Incra router wing attached to table saw with Triton router
- Ridgid benchtop thickness planer
- Jet 14" Bandsaw
- Delta Midi Lathe
- Ridgid Oscillating sander
- Ryobi 10" miter saw
- Ryobi benchtop drill press
- Home built 2ft x 2ft CNC machine
- Domino
- Porter Cable pancake compressor w/ staple/brad/finishing guns
- Earles Spray Station 5500



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Sounds like a good collection of equipment. Would love to see some pics!