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The EDOG was inspired by an old fella I work with that gave me a piece of barn board to work with.

It looks like a normal wood jewlery box, but holds a few more secrets. In actuality, the whole top section will remove from the base, revealing another locked box inside. Inside that box is four more drawers that are locked in succession, ..and a cool combination lock. a hidden pin (key) is what it takes to get the ball rolling on this one.

What looks like dovetail joinery really isn't, instead of a 1/8" spline added to the corner I cut some pieces of stock to match the cut of the dovetail bit and then glued them in after assembly, followed up by a good sanding. I think it looks pretty good.

The stone inlaid into the front is Labradorite.

You can see a demostration video here:



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I just had a look back through your projects.
You have an evil mind …..... I lIKE IT!
My favourite projects are those that involve innovative thought process and yours certainly qualify.
Your work is sort of a-maze-ing.

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Thanks Paul, I think every guy should have his passion. This obsession, ...err, I mean passion I figure is pretty healthy and it keeps me home with the family.