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Hi everybody.

Like a lot of people we have an assortment of pill bottles on the kitchen table. My came up with the idea of putting them all on nice glass trivite we had, looked very nice. When she changed table cloth, she would pickup the whole thing and move it. Some times it worked and some times it didn't.

I was in the basment cleanning up when I heard the noise in the kitchen, yea she dropped it again. As I was moving things around I came across the grand kids easter basket, and the light went on.

The basket is ambrosia maple and walnut, got lucky and found pieces that had already been planned. the box is 12"x12"x2.5", with box joints.
. The handle is a walnut & maple sanwich
I did not want weak spot with the grain going the wrong way. The handle is 3 pieces, the up rights have a notch on the bottom and a tuonge on thetop
the whole thing is finished with watco oil.
Wife is very happy now.

Thanks for looking Joel.



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Well done, thank you for sharing this project, very useful