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Project Information

Hello All, This is a finished wood shelf vape juice holder. I have been building these to sell to vape shops.
Not only vape stores but I use these to organize my juice in my bedroom. I used to have a big cardboard box full of eliquid so that inspired me to build these. Now I want to start a business selling them for displays. I hope you like them. I have a bunch of extras and in my room I have one for freebase juice and salt nicotine juice. lol. I got one just for Salt Bae Ejuice as it's my go to. Anyway, let me know you're thoughts and I did throw in a link for Salt Bae if you're looking for my go to juice.

Matt Chase



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This looks like it would make a great tea light holder for when you want to set the right mood in the house or something. I'm not sure what vape holder storage is supposed to look like, but I'm sure the little shelf could be modular!