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Project Information

End-grain hollow form turned from a piece of Ash, finished with wipe-on poly.

The color is KEDA alcohol-based aniline dyes, mixed with a bit of clear shellac (about 1 part shellac for 15 parts dye). I applied the color, fired it with a lighter, then knocked the piece back with 320 grit. I repeated the process with a different color, using green, red, and yellow in that order. I sanded to 800-grit, and finished with 5 coats of wipe-on poly.
The use of shellac with the dye is something I learned from Jimmy Clewes. He says the shellac binds the color to the alcohol, which aids finishing process … with each coat of color the wood becomes more progressively sealed, therefore the later colors soak in less.



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I think this one is my favorite or at least tied with the blue and red one. Very interesting process with the dyes and shellac. I'd like to know more about that type of finish. Thanks for sharing these projects.