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I'm posting this for the benefit of LJ members who may want to copy the design - the project specifications are available to anyone interested.

The DVD Holder is primarily Hard Maple, with Sapele accent strips (centered along the exposed edge). 67"h x 12.5"w and 7" deep. The bottom (10.5"d) extends 3.5" forward of the 7" deep Top.

The project consists of an isolated three-panel storage area; separated from the top and bottom by exposed tenons (Sapele) - these were created with 6mm and 4mm Domino tenons - self-made.

While I did endeavor for this to be a commercial-grade project, I became over-anxious with the finish (Waterlox Original), and it created drip marks which I caught too-late in the build to adequately fix.

The three panels are continuous arcs, 3/4" inset along a 65" arc.

I'll provide more commentary as members wish.



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That is such a cool piece. I love the design!!

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I've provided more commentary on the "***" site. Interestingly, I've received several private messages on this, but few formal follow-ups, like yours. I'll be taking, and providing to several members, more photos, and am answering specific questions on the Tenons and Arc dimensions.

If you have a further interest, please visit the "www.*** …" site; and I can provide more gruesome details if you want.

Do Take Care.