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Project Information

I decided to overbuild and add my own touch to my shelfs by adding wedged tennon that my own regret was that I didn't center them like I wanted due to I did stop dados and learned fr my mistake but am still happy that I added them to my new tool box. Ok all I have left is to make a lid and organize my tools then I can hopefully try to get some honey do list done so far I like this box epically being in a wheelchair. I plan to fin tune it and put a base under it so I can move it and it will be at optimal height for me. After a lot of trial and mistakes I was able to come up with s dust seal for my lid having to put a rabbit on the upper lid seal due to someone made the lid a bit to short and the fun figuring out how to make dovetail mate up with the 30% sides. I have yet to see another Dutch tool chest with a dust seal but see them on all the atc chests that everyone is building I guess I like to challenge myself. It's not perfect but at least it helps me to learn new things even if a turtle is faster than me as long as I have fun.until the next update.ok I was able to finally get my dust seal glued on and nailed oh what a pain especially when my body betrays me and I have to be bed risen for three weeks until I can somewhat move again so frustrating but I am still happy what little I can do even then oh sorry my bitching agai. Must be a combination of pain and no sleep in 3 days. At least u got my dust seal and light system installed along with my golden rid to protect my only friends.

Ps sorry about my sideways upside die pic I think I have finally figured out how to hold my phone.



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Looks good, need to get a lid on mine too, just keep putting it off.