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My take on taming the dusty sawdust blaster chop saw, with a few ideas that maybe helpful. I use this saw allot and always made a dusty mess. Ideas formulated as I set about solving the problem. First extend the piping to the far end of the shop.The box is fairly basic. it just cantilevers off the back, under the saw and over the attach rails. It can be lifted of at any time for angle cuts. piece of electrolux hose attached to the sawdust duct of the saw and inserted in the dust collection pipe directs most of the sawdust in there. It slides in and out as you use the saw. Leatherret was attached to the front of the hood to further trap the dust and reduce frontal area, one flap goes behind the handle. For small random cuts when the dust collector is not turned on the sawdust is directed into the main pipe and then sucked out later. Overall it works well.
Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.



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nice surround for the ms,i need to fix one for mine they throw a lot of saw dust.