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Project Information

Thien dust collector

This thing works great!
The goal was to have it function well but also look like it belongs on top of the trash can. I mainly mill foams like eps and urethanes with my cnc. With that material being so light I was a little worried about a lot of it going directly into the vacuum instead of the can, but the vacuum is empty every time I check it except for maybe a few small pieces of foam. One thing I did have to do was reinforce the trash can on the inside. I used basic fiberglass mat and resin from Home depot. Had to put 3 layers on the inside to make it stiff enough. The only thing I would change is making the top plexiglass window out of a thicker piece. Its 1/4" but flexes downwards about 3/16" when the vacuum is turned on.

Made to fit on a brute 32 gal trash can
Pressure fits onto trash can with no obvious leaks
Made of 0.75 MDF, 0.25" plexiglass and 0.125" plexiglass
Vacuum system used is a Rigid 6.0 wet/dry
Vacuum ports are 3" to 2.5" to fit the standard vac connectors
Brute trash can was reinforced with fiberglass on the inside to stop it from collapsing.



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Oh. This is a "cyclone" collector, not the fan housing…
Had me going for a minute.

Looks purty! I see a bafffle in there… How well does it work?

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Beautifull stuff! I like the colour.