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A couple of people have asked how the dust collection hooks up or works in my table saw station. First i stated with just cutting out a square under the saw and using one of those contractor table saw plates for a 4" hose. I ran a piece of flex from there to the back of the cabinet with a couple of back to back 4" fittings and then connected the Dust Right hose connector to that. This was OK at first but not great. At the time of the build I purchased a Grizzly 1/2 HP wall dust collector which didn't have a bunch of suction but enough for what I was doing. However the dust would build up on the flat flange of the contractor saw dust connection plate and I had to be constantly cleaned out with an air hose.

Once I finally had enough I came up with an idea on how to improve the dust collection from the saw. I thought if I get rid of as much of the flat surface under the saw the better dust wouldn't collect there. Also if I tapered the box down to a point no bigger than the 4" port, the majority of the dust would be directly guided to the dust collection hose. This is what it looked like after i Created the box:

If you refer to the table saw station pictures, the middle door under the saw is where I attached the box using the side of the cabinet as the other side of the box. Here it is installed:

The box itself does not go all the way to the back of the cabinet so there is a small piece of flex hose between the fitting on the back of the box and the back of the cabinet. Looking down into the saw from the top you can see that the dust is pretty much directed right to the dust collection port. Very little piles up on the inside of the saw since there isn't much flat surface anymore. Here's what that looks like:

The back of the saw is shown here:

Thought I would add in here how the router table dust collection is set up too. I purchased the Milescraft DR11601 Dust Router Kit and kind of modified it to my application, only thing is I wish I could purchase more of the hose that comes with the kit. Here's my setup:

You can see the kit installed under the router lift plate. I drilled a hole in the side of the cabinet and inserted the dust collection "tee" fitting into the cabinet which the hose coming from the dust cup attaches to.

Here you see the other hose which goes up to the fence for dust collection at that point. All I have to do to switch over from saw to router table is change the main hose at the back of the saw. It really does make a huge difference with the dust cup under the lift plate. Very little dust ever reaches the inside of the cabinet, some but not huge amounts.



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You're timing is perfect!
I am in the process of building one for my table saw as well.
I have the same piece of plastic plate that I bought 17 years ago when I bought my table-saw.
Never been happy with it either.

Your post gave me a couple of ideas that I had not thought of on my own.
Thank you for this post!


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Great Job! You are a skilled woodworker.

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Well done. Zip code saw owners worldwide are about to knock that off. Looks like you thunk it out intelligently.