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Well I finally made up my mind and did something about it.

When I first built my shop I envisioned putting my dust collector in a small building against
one outside wall of my shop. Then after going through a summer here in Texas without being
able to go into the shop due to the heat and humidity I have decided not again.

Next year I will have air conditioning. My concern is dust plugging it up. That was one of the reasons
to put the dust collector outside. Now I realize that that will just suck all my cold air outside.

So in one corner of my shop I have build a small room just for the dust collector. It's 40" x 35"
and 8 feet high. The room is sealed tight except for an opening covered by a filter. I settled on
a lifetime electrostatic filter that you can just take out and clean with a hose.

Putting it inside also saved a lot of money. It doesn't have to be weather proof. Just some drywall,
2×4's, a pre-hung door, and the filter. Total cost was just under $100 and under 12 square feet of
floor space.

When I install the AC unit I will probably cover the intake and use another one of these filters.

It's nice and quiet in the shop now also.



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SUPER! There is my answer over again. I guess this will be my solution!