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Project Information

Wanted a fence across my driveway for privacy, with a person size gate, and the ability to use the whole width of the driveway if needed. Came up an idea to build a couple of sections on plastic furniture dollies so they could be moved when needed. To ensure that the sections don't tip over, I balanced them by adding framing for storage boxes on the back side, covered, and with doors that open. I used metal grid wall for the floors so I don't worry about drainage issues, it is stapled down to the framing, which is all redwood. I used three 8' 4×4 fence posts, on the far side of the driveway is one, on the house side where the gate is attached, I used two that are 3 1/2" apart. All posts where sunk 2' down in concrete, and on the house side, I used two 2×4s to fill in between the two fence posts. I also attached 2×4s to the side of the house using construction screws, it is very beefy, no worries about the weight of the gate. For the actual fence, I took used 1×8 x 6 foot fence boards, ripped them to 3 different widths, 1 1/4, 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 to give it a more random look. I also cut some spacers out of redwood to slip under a few boards so that there is a bit of dimension and it doesn't look so flat. After ripping the boards, I used a small roundover bit in my palm router on all four edges of each board. I used a commercial gate hardware kit, very please how that came out, no question it will support the gate very well. I bought a key locking gate latch kit, it has a 6 pin cylinder that I took to a locksmith and had them rekey them to match my front door key. You can unlock or lock from either side, when unlocking from the front, after it is unlocked, you simply push the lock in to release the latch on the back side. The two 4' sections of fence are attached to each other and the far post using gate latches, and on the end next to the gate, I installed a cane bolt to keep it from moving, even if the gate is slammed shut, the fence sections don't move at all. Pretty please at how well it all turned out. The used fence boards were all free off of local CL, spent about $350 - $400 total.



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I forgot to mention, I put a small pet door right next to the house so my cats can come and go, already had a few raccoons look at it, but they didn't try to go through. I painted the white plastic frame of the pet door so it would blend it with the fence, bought longer screws since it was designed for a 1- 1 1/2" thick door, created a 3 1/2" tunnel there, added a scrap of outdoor carpet for the floor of it, both cats have gone through several times.