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I just finished this drill press table, which is the result of a lot of help from members right here, especially Rick Dennington who help answer all of my questions!!

As a newer building it was a really fun project and forced me to buy a decant Dado blade set, which I was long overdue!

As you can see in the pictures, the box has a drawer which is not as deep as the box. I wanted to be able to deal with the dust as I hate messes and even more so, I hate sweeping!!

I made the box a little bigger than initially plan, but I wanted to use some stuff I had lying around which included the mini dust hood that I cut out on the side and sealed up. I made a little slope that promotes dust extraction and was amazed with the power of the suction. I tried to remove the center piece and the suction was keeping it in!

I realized during this project, I need to work on my router skills as for some reason I did not get a perfect cut out, despite taking my time with setting up a jig! The collar on my router started ruining the edge of my jig and affected the cutout! I got it done and placed some leveling screws in it for fine tuning.

I also had some left over hardware from a crapping HF drill press table I bought and it lasted maybe two months. I recycled the hardware to mount my table to the cast iron table. It was pretty tight, but just to make sure, I taped some 80 grit sandpaper to the cast iron table and bottom of my table to add a little more friction.

Thanks to everyone who posted help to my original post and a special cheers to Rick!



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Thanks for the idea! I kind of thought of that but went with the hole in the center for the bits. Doesn't provide a zero clearance but I often place a piece of wood underneath as a sacrificial piece!