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Project Information

Well it's been a while since i've posted but rest assured, I have not been idle. I have slowly been acquiring used tools, restoring them and then selling them again slowly increasing efficiency in my shop and increasing my level of enjoyment. I found this Delta drill press for under $100 with a little rust that came off easily. It belonged to an old trim carpenter who had passed away, his daughter told me that he used it to do custom interior trim work inside aircraft's. I could tell it was very well maintained and the manual was still with it stored in a plastic cover to protect it. I've never had a drill press and wanted to make the most of it feeling like it would be disrespectful the the previous owner to make any permanent modifications.

I built this simple cabinet that is mounted directly to the plate. It has 4 simple drawers, a replaceable maple plywood center piece and a fence that rides on carriage bolts in my makeshift tracks. I found I can use a clamp and a block of wood as a stop and create perfectly repeatable setups when drilling a lot of the duplicate pieces. Additionally, I wanted a place to store my bits so i sandwiched two scraps of plywood together and drilled 2 rows of holes that would house my bits. I used my table saw kerf to create a hole through the entire piece that I then inserted a brass rod into, acting like a hinge, allowing me to laydown the bit holder when in storage and raise it vertical when the drawer is open.



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Bravo! Is it Nick? I love the workmanship and the conservation of the tool, but most of all, I love the respect for the guy who used to own it. It speaks volumes about what kind of man you are. 5 Stars.