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Project Information

Ok, so I should finally get around to posting some projects. This is the first thing I built after getting my shop mostly set up, about two years ago. It's an assembly table.

The base is 34"x54", the top is 40"x60", and its 26" tall. The legs are red oak, with a long stretcher mortised into it. The base is 3/4" plywood (two sides and a bottom with a center partition) sitting on a rabbet in the long stretcher. The top is a single sheet of 3/4" MDF screwed to the top. Easy to replace down the road. Not dead flat, but pretty close. Great height for assembly and finishing. Lots of storage on both sides. One side is a open compartment, the other side has a shelf at the top and three compartments under it.

I made lots of mistakes on this, but that was the point. Nothing better than learning through major screw ups and great frustration!

Not pretty but functional.



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Thanks Jack, I end up using it constantly. Well worth building.