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Workshop Information

United States
My workshop is a small corner of our basement, about 12' x 15', and is usually in the state you see here… a mess. It has some built in benches along two of the walls, the storage is some old kitchen cabinets that were left from a previous owner when the kitchen was remodeled 30 years ago,

Tools include:
Craftsman disc/belt sander
Craftsman benchtop drill press
Harbor Freight Bandsaw
Old Delta XL-10 table saw
Bosch Jigsaw
Hitachi 10" chop saw
A couple old routers that I inherited from my father.

I need to make some movable tool tables to better organize the shop and consolidate some space so I can actually make use of the small space I have. I also need to do a better job of enclosing the room to keep dust from migrating into the rest of the basement. I would also like to insulate the ceiling and throw some wallboard up to minimize the noise that gets into the bedroom just above it.



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Doug, it does look like you have a lot going on in there. I would offer to let my wife help you clean and organize things in there but, while it would be nice to have her help, you wouldn't be able to find anything after she was finished. Occasionally she "helps" me with my shop when SHE feels it needs some sprucing up and I spend the next few days on a treasure hunt for my hand tools which she randomly stores in any available drawer or cabinet just to get them out of the way.

Keep us posted on the changes that you make to your shop.

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Hey Doug,
A few hours cleaning and you wouldn't know the place….....keep us posted man.