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A friend of mine had me make this for his two Great Danes. They had been having problems eating because their bowls were to low. Its stands 26" high, and 29" wide.

It needed to fit in with the rest of his house, very rustic/cowboy style home, so i went with the reclaimed/weathered look. I was able to find some White Oak 2×4 pallet beams and ripped them down the middle for the front and sides. The panels are poplar, and the top is some 2×6 White Oak that i found next to a dumpster near my work. Its big enough to fit 2 - 40 lb bags of dog food.



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Nice work. Looks like it will do the job and in a stylish way. Great to have storage for all that food too.

Two Great Danes? Wow! I bet that's some dog food bill each month.