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I'm on a roll posting my projects tonight.
This is round two of the dog bowl platforms. This time I made them for my motorhome. And since the interior is cherry, I thought I would use some of my scrap maple and cherry to make these.
Again, I used this project to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. As you can notice, the bases has dovetails. Since the first set was rabbet joints, I thought I would try my hand at dovetails. Well, of course, I would try my first set on hard MAPLE and not a nice soft wood like pine or poplar.
The dovetails were made as hybrids. Partial machine cuts and partial hand cuts. I cut the tails first and the angles were cut with the table saw. I then did the rest by hand. I then used the tails to mark the pins and cut out the waste with the table saw again and then did the final trimming and fitting by hand. AND i used my newley made chisel mallet for these so it was doubly fun.
I will tell you this, I have a new appreciation for those who make dovetails by hand. Man that is a lot of work but I can see that after you get more experience, it must get easier. And Maple is a challenge to make them in too.
The tops have rabbet joints so they sit in the bases.
Final trimming of the pins was done with a hand plane to make them flush and after sanding things smooth, I put on 4 coats of clear shellac.
Yea, I know, the dogs don't know any difference but they sure look nice in the motorhome and the cherry wood matches perfectly.



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Don't always assume the dogs don't know the difference :)

Nice build