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Workshop Information

United States
I don't have an "official" workshop, but rather my tools are kept in a snall, shared utility room. In it I have a Jet midi-lathe and a DeWalt scrollsaw. I also have a Black & Decker tabletop bandsaw, a Dremel belt sander, and a regular Dremel tool. I do my arving in our living room at a table, where I use a homemade catch tray for the shavings. I hope one day to upgrade to bigger workshop by converting a storage shed, which will include heat and air-conditioning, for both me and the preservation of my tools.


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Doc, we all have to start somewhere and it sounds like you have a pretty good start on your woodworking tool collection. And, doing your carving in the house, even with a tray for the shavings, is a luxury that I would not even attempt. My wife tends to get upset with me if I even come in from the shop with sawdust on my clothes. For some reason she feels that I am "tracking sawdust in the house" so I would not even ask if I could do any woodworking in the house. That would definitely get me yelled at. :)