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Project Information

My intention with this project was to make what I call a hybrid style plow plane - a wooden body, but with all the sliding and holding parts of metal… so my design is ultimately more like a metal plane than wooden. I designed it with the following features in mind:

1. easy to assemble from "standard" parts - rods and clamping shaft collars, blades from 1/2" wide stock. This makes construction and replacement simple. It's sort of a layer by layer assembly, for the most part.

2. Minimal need for finessing adjustments. Eg, the blades fit into a precisely sized slot so there is no side to side wiggle nor need to clamp it horizontally.

3. Easily and tightly secured adjustments. I was partially successful in this. The adjusters all secure well, but not tool-less. The shaft collars (inside the body of the plane) secure easily with finger-tight force using an allen key. I have a place to store the key on the plane body, but I'd prefer it to be tool-less. Likewise, the blade is clamped using a slotted bolt.

4. Comfortable to use.. which it is. For example, I have the rods protruding to the right through the body, as opposed to the left through the fence (user side). This is intentional.

My original plan was to have a screw-thread adjuster for blade depth, but I realized that this was not necessary. Placing the skate down on the bench, lowering the blade until it touches the bench, and clamping the blade down in that position is just the right depth of cut to make nice grooves.

My plans for Rev 2 are:

1. Better chip clearance - the cutting and adjusting mechanisms work, the escapement clogs quickly. Rev 2 will either have the depth stop on the other side of the blade, or a larger escapement, or both.

2. Even simpler construction and assembly - for example, the shaft collar that secures the depth stop can be eliminated, and I can use a wingnut and washer to hold it fast. That eliminates the need for mortising plywood (sucks).

3. Perhaps replacing the skate with metal (brass?) I think the BB ply will hold up well enough for me, and it's certainly easily replaceable, but I'm going to keep an eye on it.

4. More simple profile. While the "roadster" design happened as a result of cutting away unnecessary parts, I think it can be even simpler.

5. Simpler construction. I can strip this one of all the hardware, so the only cost is about a square foot of BB ply. not bad!

Materials: baltic birch ply, 1/4 steel rods, clamping shaft collars (internal), O1 steel hardened at 375 ºF for 1 hr. The blades (1/4" and 1/2" right now, are noticeably harder than my other tools, so I might temper it again at higher T.

Anyway, let me know if you want to see the guts and I can open it up and take a couple shots of the different layers.

edit 6/20/17

here are pics of the guts - basically, both sides of the center sections of the lamination showing the slot for the blade, the way it is secured (mortised square bolts), and the slot for the allen key.



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Very cool. I would like to see it apart.

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It sure makes me smile.
Love the fact that we humans just can't stop creating and finding new ways.
Lovely plane full of human spirit.
Fine work.
Best thoughts,

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I'm really liking it. It isn't what you would call 'purdy' but the inventiveness is great.

Thank You for sharing and looking forward for Rev. 02 (or in actuality Rev 01 as the original is Rev. 0).

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it cant be that bad! I like to index from 1… even if it implies an impossibility :)

anyway, I'm almost done with rev 2, I'll post the link here when it's done. It's a much simpler design with improved features.