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At the end of the year I started selling off some of my display Murphy beds. Because of this I was left with a bare showroom. I wanted to put something on the floor that I haven't had there before. I decided on the Euro Murphy bed. This is a bed that I've built about five times before. This will be the third in this color combination.

I used maple wood with cherry accents. I edged all boards, whether they were plywood or lumber, with cherry. Then put two strips of cherry down the face. Once it is lacquered, it reviled very nice contrast.

The bookcases are 24" wide and don't have the usual drink trays. Instead of the drink tray I put a regular drawer on the left side and a pull out desk on the right. The desk pulls out on full extension rails and then the laptop drawer pulls out from that. This allows plenty of leg room for working. A printer can be placed in the cabinet below. Right now I just have adjustable shelves down there. I may change that to a pull out printer tray.

The doors glass has a film on it to give it that Venetian blind effect. I get this film from Outwater
The next one that I do I may try some etched style glass.

I currently have two more of this style on order and will be working on them in the next week. I also have another customer that is ready to order one too. I don't push a particular style but it is weird how my different style come in spurts like this.

For more building pictures and to see the two that I'll build in the next couple weeks see my Current Projects link at or



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Chris, the maple and cherry make a wonderful combination. Very pleasing to the eye.