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When my wife and I bought this house we agreed she could decorate any way she saw fit and I get the garage to do with what I please. Well…..that lasted about 3 seconds after moving in. over the last 10 years it has become a catch all for her and my mother in laws crap..UUUHHHGGG!!!

So I recently repo'd my garage and built some over the garage door shelves. I manages to cram most of their crap in those shelve where I suspect they will never see it again. With in the last 6 months I have managed to build a modest arsenal of tools. Two table saws, two routers (junk ones) 1.5 drill presses, a work bench. I already had some hand tools, a Miter saw and a circular saw.

My projects are now in a strategic state of unfinished and encroaching slowly but surely upon the rest of the garage. I estimate by this time next year I will have reclaimed my entire garage once and for all. Of corse with that take over I will need to amp up the "honey do" list…At least it will be with my pleasure to tackle and dominate the "honey do" list.

Pics are not an option at this moment because my "shop" is not yet a shop..when I feel I have accomplished "shop" status I will then post pics.

Take care all and God Bless


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Congrats! A battle well fought. Cheers to the victor! :)