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Workshop Information

United States

This is my main work bench. the height of the bench is 40". a bit tall for most but i'm 6'5" and i was sick of bending down to work

This is from the back of my shop. I love the big window. it lets in a great light. the work bench under the window has a built in air cleaner.

My major tools are:
>Delta cabinet saw; I bought a Bessy 52" cut capacity aftermarket fence and built an extension table for it, The picture shows the old set up
>14 Grizzly band saw w/ 6" riser (decent for general work and some resawing)
>8" long bed delta jointer
>15" delta planer (mid-80's model with GOD-AWFUL dust collection. It is a beast but a pain to keep tuned)
>13" portable delta planer (great work horse for it's size)
>2hp HD Delta shaper w/ a 1/3hp power feed (one person can make a whole house worth of trim and flooring with this beast!)
>OLD 70's model Jet Drill press ( another yard sale find $65)
>6"x48" belt sander (this is one of the items i REALLY want to upgrade. i use it all the time. I'd love to have a bigger more powerful model)
>2hp Jet single stage dust collector. It needs its own space and better duct work, but works well. (not shown in picture
> Jet bentch top mortiser (not shown)

>1943 23" Delta scroll saw. (love this guy! bought it at a yard sale for $50)
>Delta Midi Lathe (got it w/ a Oneway talon chuck for $70!!! Craig's list i LOVE YOU)
I attached a standard floor sweep hood to the side of it for dust collection. Believe it or not, it works fairly well

I have my 8" jointer tucked under my miter station. works fairly well. And all my pipe clamps are on the ceiling to keep them right at my reach yet out of the way.

built it 4 yrs ago. its 398 sq ft (400sq ft and above require a concrete slab) It has 100amp service running to it with 120/220 circuits.

I it is insulated and dry walled, built in ac and kerosene heat.

and yes, like everyone else's, it stays a hot mess most of the time



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Great looking shop. It looks like you've got some nice tools also.

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Welcomr to Lumberjocks. Your shop looks like a great place to be creative.

Thanks for sharing.

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just wanted to add my new work bench. It is not compleatlly finished. but it is a huge improvement over my old one. the leg vice has been an exercise in rebuilding redesigning. I've made 4 and it is still not done, but it is close and when its finished it will rock…i hope. if you are curious, check out my blog on it