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About my Shop…All I can say is that I love spending time there.

Our Story: The Story of Our Father…why we do this…...........

LittleRedWoodshop © was the dream of our father, Thomas W. "Buddy" Allen. We would sit for hours and play the "what if" game. "What if I won the lottery","what if we had been wealthy" you know the game. And it always came down to "I would start a woodworking or cabinet shop". Then, in the next breath he would tell you that "you're to smart to work for other people, start your own business"

Since his passing we have worked very hard to make that dream a reality. We strive every day to be as talented as he was, his woodworking skill was a God given gift. We are finding that, that gift is also within us.

LittleRedWoodshop © is a small woodworking shop located in Central Illinois (Manito) in the shadow of the Sand Ridge State Forest and just a few miles from Spring Lake. We wouldn't want to live anywhere else, THIS is truly Gods country. Why Manito?

Our specialty is, well it's anything made of wood. We are very diverse in what we do, we cover just about every aspect of woodworking. We love to Paint as well…but, the combination of the two is what we truly enjoy.

We do this because God and our father gave us the ability:

LittleRedWoodshop © and the shop have only been in existence a short time (about 2 years now), but both have been a long time dream. We craft and finish each item to meet the customers request and do so with the hope that each piece will become a family heirloom. The finish and design of each piece is chosen by the intended use and the customers preference.

We'll build anything. From the smallest birdhouse to the largest piece of heirloom furniture. We are here to please you…

We will strive everyday to produce only the highest quality
wood products and make you proud.



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Great looking shop and some nice equipment. Thanks for the tour.

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This is a nice shop that you have to work in. It looks to be well organized and you have plenty of room in which to work. It is also nice to have a shop with windows in it. I find it to be easier to work natural light.

You have improved the functionality of your table saw with the addition of the router table and storage in the extension wing. And it looks like you have some interesting tools in there to work with as well.

Thanks for the pictures. I enjoyed visiting your shop.

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Nicely layed out workshop with some great toy's to play with…..good job.