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My Craftsman Professional Table Saw has a place to mount a router underneath one of the table plates. However, I discovered my router, a Dewalt 618, won't mount because the holes don't coincide with that brand. Something salesman assured me would work. Yeah, we learn…then make a solution. My first creation was a mounting square of plexiglass. Plexiglass was too brittle for the project and it soon broke…since plexiglass has tiny chips created when its machined…especially with a Dremel tool. The next plate was created from Tuffak Polycarbonate. It's .250" thick and 7 inches square…exactly. I scored the poly with a line from corner to corner then aligned the plastic plate from the bottom of my router. I scored the holes on the lines then drilled the 8 holes…four to mount the router and four to mount to the table saw plate. Then I used my old scroll saw to cut the large hole in the center. My Dremel tool was used to machine the router connector holes so the screws would be below surface level on the router holes…this is where the plexiglass had cracked because it thins the area around the mounting screws…but it's much stronger with the polycarbonate. The router mounting holes were 7/32", the router table mounting holes were 1/4" and the large center hole was 2.5"...holes were drilled on the drill press…the large center hole was cut on my scroll saw.
I haven't used the router yet, but the poly seems to be the better choice as the router is now mounted giving me essentially a router table I don't have. Yes, I'd like a nice separate router table and a better table saw…but this is the best solution at the time. The Dewalt 618 produces 2 1/4 horses…probably more powerful than the routers from Sears that might mount on the table…for which I did not have the bucks to buy another router.
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Way to go you got er done. nice job

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Barry, nicely done. I have the exact same table saw and router…and I had exactly the same problem. I found a very generic metal router adapter plate (about 7 or 8 inches square) and drilled mounting holes in it to match up with the craftsman table.
Not sure if you know of this site or not…but I've found it to be an excellent resource for my Craftsman (Ryobi BT3100 clone).
Full of jigs, ideas and advice specific to our saw…