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Workshop Information

United States
Welcome to my tiny 1-car garage workshop. The tour won't take long, I promise.

(below image) Here we can see, from left-to-right, the entry way into the home where I have installed a strip curtain so that I can prop the door open and more easily traverse the doorway. To the right of that is my Bissell Garage Pro shop vac with a ~30' hose that I have put black PET mesh over almost the entire length and used heat-shrink tubing (red) to secure it. To the right of that you can see my shelves where I keep various equipment including:

  • Bluetooth speaker (Polk)
  • Rockler Bandy-clamps
  • Viper-brand toolbox (pink)
  • Alarm system panel (above the toolbox on the wall)
  • iPad 2 for listening to music
  • A spare respirator
  • 4×36 bench sander and several belts (grits from 60 all the way to 5000 for knife sharpening)
  • Sheet goods (behind the bench sander)
  • Shaper Origin and Workstation
  • All manner of chemicals, glues, finishes, and waxes (top shelf next to the bench sander)
  • A big jar of miscellaneous fasteners
  • A roll of pallet wrap
  • A large collection of various types of tape
  • An extra hose for the Bissell
  • Wood and acrylic for projects that are in-progress
  • Vaughn Bear saw
  • Sanding block with handle
  • Hearing protection

(below image) To the right of the trash bins are some long pieces of lumber and a folding saw horse.

(below image) Turning to the left, you can see:

  • Flexible light-socket adapters with Halogen lights (in the garage door lift)
  • Where the car is parked (makeshift oil pan made out of cardboard)
  • Stanley anti-fatigue mat
  • Where the shop vac hose gets snaked to (a Rockler Dust-Rite boom)
  • Some storage bins that need to be relocated once I finish building shelves in the garage
  • WORX Pegasus (under the black cloth)
  • Stanley No 8
  • Farmhouse stool
  • Vise grips
  • F-style clamps (not visible)
  • Heat gun (not visible)
  • Yet more clamps (can you find them all?)
  • Little Giant ladder
  • Craftsman toolbox (black)
  • Another bluetooth speaker (on the electrical panel door)
  • Tripod for filming
  • Workbelt (pink)
  • Lots of paint (in the shelf behind the toolbox)
  • A 2' x 2' sheet of mild steel for a sign I am working on (in the cardboard box labeled "Online Metals")
  • A sheet of MDF (to the right of the stacked washer/dryer)

(below image) I took the cloth off the pegasus and moved in for a closer shot

(below image) To the left of the stacked washer/dryer is:

  • Freezer
  • More sheet goods including a sheet of Gonçalo Alves, my spoil board, some MDF from an old Shaper Origin project (MFT top for Shaper Workstation)
  • My router table (it's the dark sheet in the stack to the left of the freezer)
  • My home-made router surfacing jig
  • The fence to my router table
  • Window-sized sheets of plexiglass (against the wall behind the freezer, surround by styrofoam and cardboard for protection)
  • Cutoffs
  • Random panels
  • Winding sticks (heh, in the cutoff box, because I'm getting ready to make new ones)
  • Propane torch (bottom left)

That's pretty much it.

If there is demand, I can open the toolboxes where all the good stuff is.



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thanks for sharing your lady cave.i dont see a table saw,i assumed you were a hand tool junkie from your posts though.looks good.

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I haven't got the room for a table saw. I do have a solution for ripping boards though. I have a Kreg accucut on the shelves and circular saw in the bottom cabinet of the black craftsman toolbox. For smaller cuts, I usually grab the pull saw.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a table saw. This 1 car garage is not very big though.

Lady cave, lol. That reminds me, I have to put up my "Woman Cave" sign that I bought on our last cross-country road trip.

I like to think I'm more of a hybrid wood worker, though I am trying to use more hand tools so that I can work longer hours in the shop, keeping the noisy tools to the hours of 10A-9P.

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im sorry i meant "she shed" i believe is correct now. a good track saw is fantastic and makes very clean cuts.ive kinda gotten more into hand tool work myself,especially on sculpted maloof style work.

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Nice little space there, when there is a will, we will find a way to make everything work out.

My will got my new shop built last year, now I can start back into projects.

Thanks for sharing.

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I can appreciate the "sharing" of a space, great way to get started in a hobby and time to consider what you need versus want. It also forces good habits like keeping things tidy, but I'm wayyyy past that point 8^)

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YOUR shop just goes to show you dont need a fancy shop with millions dollars of tools to make fabulous projects


Welcome 2 LJ 's