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Project Information

Hello All,

This is my first post here so thought one of my earliest projects would work well. Originally built this as a desk with a top hutch for books in my junior year of high school shop class (1972-1973). Entirely from pine except the back and drawer bottoms which are plywood.

This was used for a desk, leather workbench and more for 37 years. Had been moved alot to dry to humid, heated and not places so was starting to show the wear and abuse through neglect mostly. My wife mentioned that she had never had a place to put her nice dishes and other collectables. In the winter of 2009 I completely dismantled the desk, sanded and cleaned up all the pieces and rebuilt it as a china hutch. Was a lot of planing and sanding to get the old yellowed varnish removed and keep all the pieces flat and square. Added rope lights for accent and closed in the old knee space for a dust free space. The 5th picture is what it looks like with all the house lights off.

Not all the best pictures but hope they work.




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That is a gorgeous piece of furniture! A project to be real proud of!!

nice going…..................Cheers, Jim